About Us

Leadership Is All About Results

Firm Foundations was founded by Jack Frost in 2002, "to help organizations who want to get better, get better."

We’re an executive coaching and consultancy group made up of seasoned organizational and personal development specialists. Our breadth and depth of experience provide you with results-oriented solutions that address your bottom-line.

These include:

  • Aligning strategies, goals and action steps to achieve your vision
  • Building quality management systems and sustainable process improvements
  • Educating and informing you about best business practices in the areas of strategy, people development and customer loyalty
These tools and techniques are applied to solve the most challenging organizational and personal issues, on time and on budget.

Two-way street

Firm Foundations provides you with current management and organizational thinking through professional association and conference attendance, as well as our affiliation with Resource Associates Corporation, a leading international personal and organizational development firm.

Get the results you want

Firm Foundations advisors can help you find out why things aren't working — and what things aren’t working — and help you to define, plan and implement the actions needed to get the results you want.

If you’re looking to better yourself or build an excellent organization, contact us  to arrange a no cost, no obligation meeting.