Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what our clients have to say about working with Jack Frost
and Firm Foundations. We’d love to add you to the list…

"I have multiple businesses and my team and I have been working with Jack Frost of Firm Foundations for a few years. Jack is brilliant and one of his strengths is taking complex situations and simplifying them. Frosty knows how to lasso me back so I can stay on task with the various projects we work on together.
He is a great friend, coach and spiritual mentor.

Wally Pardo
Founder | Managing Partner
Wealth Financial Partners

"Complete turnaround from where I was one year ago! Working with Jack really enabled me break down the inner most parts of myself, allow me to feel good about past accomplishments, understand what is important to me, what motivates me and what I want to become. I have set goals that are reachable, but also require me to push myself to achieve. By digging into my dreams list, understanding what strengths I possess, I now have the ability to affirm my goals and dreams on a daily basis. I wake up every day with high energy and focus on what I aspire to accomplish in my daily plans. I have a better sense of self worth and am now a happier and much improved father, son, store manager and employee! My peers see a big difference in me as well as my family. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to improve themselves personally and/or professionally!"

Many thanks,
Glenn Redgate

"Desiring to start my own business, I hired Jack Frost, who came highly recommended by a colleague. Though the sessions were challenging at times, Jack kept me focused and help me achieve my dream. With his help, I took a leap of faith and went off on my own. I continue to use Jack to help me achieve business success."

Lee Ann Glicklin,
Accountant/Human Resources

"We recently completed a Sales Workshop that was presented by Jack Frost of Firm Foundations. As a direct result of applying what we learned, we closed a $4000.00 deal and gained a great client! Jack also made this workshop fun and interactive. It has changed the way that we do our selling, particularly the proposal process. These tools also fit in beautifully with our core business principles of strong collaboration/partnership with our clients. We highly recommend Jack's workshop to anyone who wants to change the way they look at ther sales process, create more revenue and a powerful bond with their clients."

Val Waterman, Principal,
Answers Design Group

"In the three Presbyterian Churches I’ve served as Interim Pastor (Rahway First, Connecticut Farms, and most recently, Garwood), I have contracted Jack to help each congregation cast a new vision. Under Jack’s “Spirit-filled leadership,” we were able, not only to find new direction for each ministry, but we also identified members’ spiritual gifts that had been unidentified and lying fallow. I highly commend, and recommend the services provided by Firm Foundations." 

Reverend Howard Bryant, Interim Minister,
Garwood Presbyterian Church

"I’ve worked with Jack in a one-on-one environment. He’s truly committed to helping others develop to their true potential. He has helped me clarify and establish a results- based model for successful achievement of my goals. Jack leads at a values level and helps his clients find their purpose and focus on strengths. I am fortunate to have connected with Jack, and recommend him as a personal coach."

Peter Dixon, Engineer,
Advanced Technology, PMP;
at UTC Aerospace Systems

"Jack Frost has been serving as a strategic planning consultant to the leadership of the Association of Christian Therapists (ACT) for the past two years. In this role he’s been an invaluable resource in helping us understand strategic planning, its value and its proper uses for organizational effectiveness. We have especially appreciated his ability to ground the essential elements and purposes of strategic planning in scripture, giving spiritual substance and underpinning the process. Jack is a skilled teacher and effective at and committed to tailoring the process to our organizations needs and aptitudes."

Douglas Schoeninger, PhD,
Past-President ACT