Workshops are the most cost-effective way to increase the leadership, effectiveness and productivity of your organization’s most important asset, your personnel.  Groups of 5-9 are the typical size of our workshops.

Peter Drucker has written much about the value people bring to the success of an organization. Our consultants and coaches specialize in helping organizations grow and maintain a competitive advantage by developing and more effectively utilizing the talents, aptitudes, and abilities of their people.  Firm Foundations’ people development processes are built on three key ingredients, attitude and behaviour development, skill improvement, and a proven goal accomplishment model.  Workshops are customized for each client.

Firm Foundations has helped its clients:

  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Build stronger teams
  • Increase sales
  • Enhance employee satisfaction, morale, and loyalty
  • Increase employee contribution and innovation
  • Reduce costs, and most importantly
  • Increase profitability

Advantages of Group Learning:

  • Students gain a more complete understanding by comparing with others
  • Working with others encourages elaboration and collaboration
  • Students with better skills serve as models
  • Discussing controversial topics promotes more sophisticated thinking
  • Tend to be more motivating

Topics Available (can be presented individually or blended based on client needs):

  • Leadership
  • Executive Leadership
  • Sales
  • Management
  • Team Leadership
  • Building Customer Loyalty
  • Strategic Planning

If you are looking to improve your team’s performance and creative thinking, contact us.  We can help.